Tuesday 15 May 2018


AAP KAA AHAAR: Try These 3 Mughlai Dishes To Feel Like Royalty

When it comes to food, the “royal feast” title isn’t thrown around carelessly. When Mughlai cuisine is described this way, it’s for a good reason. Once ruling what is three countries today, members of this powerful dynasty were used to getting the best of the best, in everything. Food was no exception. 
Mughal emperors have had a history of some pretty exclusive dishes at their table—if you were a 17th-century commoner, you could’ve only dreamt of such regal spreads. 
We’re in 2017, though. The age of kings has passed. 
Anyone today can enjoy these delicacies. And enjoy we shall: here’s a short, delicious culinary journey through Mughal India.

1. Kalmi Kabab

Thank Babur, one of the first Mughal rulers in India, for bringing us this dish. When he established rule, he really didn’t like Indian food. To him, it was “bland, tasteless, and colourless”.
Anyway, this kingly dissatisfaction lead to a good thing. A good, spicy, succulent, grilled thing. Made from chicken and spices like ginger, garlic, and cloves, this was a dish he literally could not live without. Of the solid variety, at least.
Today, it’s become commonplace for us to enjoy our kebabs from every street corner. If you get the chance, though, you should definitely try the real deal.

2. Pulao

Say it ain’t so!
No, we’re not going to start that veg biryani/pulao argument all over again. All food is good food. #nofoodracism
See, the pulao is not ‘simply the poor man’s biryani.’ Mughal royals enjoyed this dish just as much as we do. Akbar the Great, as he grew older, started to shift to vegetarian cuisine. Given the brilliance that is pulao, we can’t help thinking it played some role in this matter!
One of his personal favorite dishes was Pulao, as he found it especially fragrant and inviting.

3. Rogan Josh

Jahangir loved this tasty little dish. Made from succulent meat in an oily thick gravy, Rogan Josh is a dish that just begs to be eaten. It always graced Jahangir’s dinner table, right next to a tall glass of wine. 
This dish is especially popular in Kashmir. If you’re there, and want to try something fit for one of the most famous kings in Indian history, Rogan Josh is what you’re looking for. It’s hot, savoury, and absolutely irresistible once the smell wafts into your nostrils.